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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday (8): BOOK NERDS ATTACK

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This week's topic is the top ten characters who are fellow book nerds.

Hey, guys! It was super difficult to decide which characters to choose for this topic because as I soon as I was presented with the challenge, my mind hit a brick wall. Just complete and total nothingness. However, I finally managed to pull together a list of my favourite nerdy fictitious humans and I hope you all enjoy reading it.

10) Ivy from The Book of Ivy
This choice actually almost slipped past me, then I think I read someone else's list and I was like "OMG YES!". I loved this book, in case you are unaware, and Ivy is a super book nerd which made it all the more enjoyable.

9) Alaska from Looking for Alaska
I was not a major fan of Alaska when reading this book but I was in awe of the crazy library of books that she hoarded in her dorm room. When criticized about the sheer amount of them and the fact that she kept adding to her collection, her response was (paraphrasing) "I will read them all someday." She relates, she relates to my crazy stockpiling issue.

8) Devin from Lois Lane: Fallout
Devin is not a book nerd, he's more of a computer and video game geek who takes honors classes and I had to include him on this list because he is my baby. I love him, he makes me swoon and I would love to have a conversation with him even if it's one involving a lot of topics that I don't understand.

7) Annabeth from The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series
Annabeth is goals. Not only is she a knifewielding, buttkicking half‐blood, she also loves reading and seems to know just about everything there is to know about everything. 

6) Hazel from The Fault in Our Stars
Yes, another John Green character, they're all so quirky. Some might argue that Hazel's obsession with only one book doesn't earn her the title "book nerd" but I argue that it does. I can empathize to feeling so bound to the world and the characters of a story that you yearn to relive it again and again. You go, Hazel! You read An Imperial Affliction 'til you're sore in the eyes!

5) Katy from The Lux Series
I am not a die-hard fan of the Lux series...yet, I've only read two books (currently on the 3rd) and they didn't woo me. What did woo me was the fact that our protagonist, Katy, is a book blogger. I really enjoyed reading about Katy, she's feisty, strong and...she's a frickin' book blogger!!! Did I forget to mention that? I think that was such a fun angle to add to the books because I found myself reading and nodding enthusiastically along to the snippets about her forgetting to update her blog, the books piled on the floor, her reviewing books and I just couldn't help feeling a little bit like this:

4) Apollon from the E series
Apollon is my favourite character in the E series. He is incredibly charming, witty and never fails to make me laugh. He is that friend who can take an awful situation, make a stupid joke and immediately make things better. He is also that bookish friend who quote lines from poems and plays and books that no one else even knew existed. His face is constantly in a book and that ,combined with his lovable personality, is why I adore him.

3) Will from The Infernal Devices

2) Sydney from the Bloodlines series
Sydney Sage is such an amazing protagonist. She reads a crap ton and often, this knowledge gained from having her head in a book and her hand wrapped around a vanilla latte is what gets her out of difficult situations. She is a badass lady but not in the typical sense of weapons and fighting. Her nerdiness, her possession of knowledge IS her weapon and she wields it deftly.

1) Hermione from The Harry Potter series
YOU. HAVE. NO. IDEA. Hermione is one of my favourite female protagonists! I love reading about her so much, she honestly knows everything. She is a critical thinker, a problem solver and let's be real, Harry would've have died way back in the first book if not for her friendship.

BOOK NERDS ATTACK! Which characters make up your list of book nerds? Comment down below and tell me! Until my next blog post, I love you infinity and beyond!


  1. could I have forgotten Ivy? I loved The Book of Ivy and I can't wait for the sequel! Hazel was another one that I totally forgot about. Great choices!

    Michelle @ Michelle's Minions

    My TTT

  2. Awesome list!

    Also, funny, because I wrote a scene the other day (for Book Four) in which Eden calls Apollon a nerd:

    Apollon throws me a smug look. "I'm not a nerd," he says. "I'm sensitive."

    Maybe they're all just sensitive. :)

  3. Great list! Glad to see you mentioned Annabeth--I haven't seen her on many lists besides mine this week. I also had Hermione (but really, who didn't?) and Hazel.

    My TTT:

  4. Good choices! Hermione is on my list too. I love that GIF of her! Made me giggle :-)


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