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Thursday, 16 July 2015


Hey guys! Day 1 of the Casual Readathon J2 has passed and I just thought I'd share my thoughts with you all. :)

The day kind of started off slow for me and by 'kind of', I mean totally:

I wasn't actually sleeping, I was working on my blog and also working out and eating so my actual reading didn't start until 10:30 A.M at which point I participated in 3 consecutive sprints; the first was 30 mins long and the other two were both 15 mins each. I am kind of half and half with sprints. I love them, I love feeling like I am reading alongside other people BUT I get super self-conscious at the end of sprints when we're asked how many pages we read.

Why? Because I read super super slow (I like to take it all in), I make notes to help when I review so it's really intimidating at the end of a 15 sprint when people say that they've read 28 pages and I'm just like "I read 10". HAHA, it's just something I'll have to get over. Mostly, I'm just in awe of their great reading powers.

After 1:00 P.M, I receded into myself a bit and focused solely on reading for the rest of the day. I mean, who cares about obligations when you have a book as good as The Ruby Circle by Richelle Mead that needs reading? I actually managed to finish that novel at around 10:00 P.M and then I went to bed. I know that some people can survive without sleep during readathons but I need it if there's any hope of functioning and reading for the next day.

I actually ended up loving the Ruby Circle, though I did have a few problems with the way it ended, I still think it was an amazing conclusion to an amazing series. :)

That was a very succinct summary of my first day participating in the Casual Readathon J2! I had fun and I decided that I am going to do these daily updates everyday until the readathon is over. I really want to know how your day was, whether you participated in the readathon or not. Like what did you read? Did you enjoy it? Feel free to drop me a comment down below. Until my next blog post, I love you infinity and beyond!