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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Post Where I Announce My Return and My Blogging Goals

Hello Everyone!

Wow, this feels weird. It does. I have not done this in so long!

If you cannot tell, I am writing a blog post for the first time in what seems like ages. This is because my exams are finally O-V-E-R. Here is an accurate summary of how I feel at the moment:

I am on cloud nine because I no longer have any school obligations and while I am not particularly sure what my exam results will be like (I'm a bit iffy about a few subjects), happiness still flows through my veins and do you want to know why? Because I am back, I am invigorated and ready to blog my little heart away. During this break from school, I really want to focus on growing my blog and working on it a lot more than I have previously done. With that being said, I have a few goals, hopefully attainable ones to share with you all.

  • Read and Review at least two books every week, one that I was sent for review and one that I bought myself.I think that this is an extremely manageable goal. It pushes me to read more and also helps me to KILL my TBR.
  • Get my Netgalley ratio to at least 60% and read all of my outstanding review books. I am awful with Netgalley, I swear. I believe currently my ratio is at 25% and I can't even describe how horrid that is! Why do I have so many unread review books? Because I suck, that's why and I intend to change that!
  • Post every single day or at least, five times for the week. I honestly do not fancy my blog becoming a hollow shell. I want to blog more, to flood you all with book-related content and also, maybe non book-related content as well. I want to explore and branch out and just use my blog as forum to discuss all the things in my life that makes me happy. 
  • Participate in more memes, blog tours and other things on the blogosphere. Mainly, I just want to be more actively involved in the blogging community because it is a very welcoming and fantastic one.
  • Comment on more blogs. I am such a ghost reader and I swear, I need to cut that crap out.
  • Reach 15000 page views and 150 GFC followers by the beginning of September. This is quite a weird goal as I have absolutely no control over this but I am really hoping that with more content and greater participation in the community that I can make this happen!
  • Host my very first giveaway. I've held off on doing this before because the thought of it makes me anxious. Like...what do I give away? Will anyone actually enter? All the questions. But I think I need to, I know I want to because my one year blogging anniversary passed back in January and I didn't even acknowledge it. Admittedly, my first year of blogging was uneventful but...still, it needs to be celebrated and though I actually have no clue when I want to have this giveaway or what I will actually be giving away, I am looking forward to more planning.
  • Create a Facebook page for my blog. I guess this is slightly linked to me wanting to grow my audience. Also, it's tied into my next goal.
  • Become more comfortable speaking to other humans about the existence of my blog. I do not think you can comprehend how utterly awkward and uncomfortable I become when any of my friends bring up the fact that I have a blog. I go into full hermit crab mode and just shut down and contemplate how I can possibly end the conversation. I want to be able to scream to the heavens "I'm a book blogger!" and not feel like I have this big secret that will eventually cause me to explode. 
And that concludes it. I don't think I have forgotten anything. I want to say how happy I am to be blogging again, how much I missed this wonderful community and how much I look forward to the future of my blog. Until my next blog post which will be tomorrow, I love you infinity and beyond!