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Monday, 30 March 2015

Real Talk #2: Acknowledgements

So...acknowledgement pages. You know, those dainty notes usually placed at the end of novels where the author expresses his/her gratitude to all the people who made the novel itself possible. I thought I'd chat a bit about this integral aspect of any novel and its relevance to me, personally.

I only started reading the Acknowledgements section a couple of months ago and my drive, admittedly, was not an actual interest in the persons working behind the scenes. Honestly, I believe I had just finished The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead and read the chapter sampler on Silver Shadows and I just wanted more so out of boredom, I read the acknowledgements and I was hooked. It has now become an obsession for me, an addiction of sorts or more precisely, a breathless anticipation of the time when I finish a novel and get the chance to learn about the author's figurative "ride or dies".

What's amazing to me is the myriad ways in which these thanks can be presented. There's no fixed structure, no template to follow. Really, creativity reigns when I read some acknowledgments. Most I've read are in prose, but I've also read some lists and the occasional poem. I particularly enjoy when the acknowledgements mimic the theme that is carried throughout the majority of the novel. For example, if a book is centered around high school and the trivial hierarchy present in that establishment, it's fitting and quite funny for the author to assign these roles to the instrumental people involved in the publishing of the book.

My point in writing this post is to simultaneously express my newly-found love for acknowledgements and also, to encourage you guys to read them if you don't already. You learn so much about authors from their acknowledgements simply because their personalities shine through. You see how funny and kind and grateful they are and we get to put a name to the people who are not seen but whose jobs really play a major role in the finished product.

Do you read the acknowledgements at the end of books? My curious little brain wants to know why or why not so tell me down in the comment section! Until my next blog post, I love you infinity and beyond!


  1. Sometimes I read them and sometimes I don't. If I read them, it's probably because I really loved the book or felt like I connected with the author's voice. In other words... I just want a little more and I'm not ready to put the book down, even though it's over.

    Glad you read the acknowledgements, though. ;)

  2. When I enjoy a book, I always read the acknowledgments. It is awesome to see the author gush over he people that helped them through the process of the book. I think it definitely adds to my enjoyment of the book. Great topic!


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