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Monday, 9 March 2015

Making Up For Monday #13: Opinion Changing Books!

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Description: Each week I will have a book-related theme or game, or something fun to do that week. And you can play along! All you have to do is find the question for that week, go to your own blog, write a post that day based on that question, and link your post to this one using the link up tool at the bottom of the post.

This week's question:Have you ever read a book that changed your opinion on a topic?

At first, I did not have an answer to this question because I honestly was not sure if I've ever read a book that's changed my opinion on something. Then, I realized that I have and that book is Matilda by Roald Dahl which changed my opinion on reading.

Before this novel, reading was not a thing for me, I absolutely hated any time that had to be spent pouring over a book. I remember, I was in Standard 4 (probably about 10 or 11), back in the days when we had "reading time" in school and went to our class library, saw this one and picked it up. Best. Decision. Of. My. Life. It inspired my love for books and after that, you would not find me without a book in my hand. It started with me reading all of Roald Dahl's books because they are truly amazing and hilarious (including his autobiography) and I just went from there and somehow, I am where I am now. I absolutely adore Matilda, I'm sure that you've all either read the book or seen the movie and if you haven't, you should. I am eternally grateful for this book because without it, I wouldn't love reading and I wouldn't have a book blog and wouldn't get to interact with so many amazing book lovers.

So, what about you guys? What novel has changed your view on a topic? Comment down below and tell me! Until my next blog post, I love you guys to...infinity and beyond!


  1. I love hearing stories like this! So many moments are punctuated by books, but I remember having trouble reading and truly getting into books at a young age when all the other children's seemed to soar past me. Thanks to a little extra effort with one of my favorite teachers, I soon discovered the world that can open up reading. One series I was proud to conquer (by myself) was the Little House Books by Laura Ingalls Wilder: I spent one summer devouring those nine books.

    Great post, Laquesha! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. I have not yet read the Little House Books but I really want to! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. OMG, I totally got into Roald Dahl around that age, too! My 4th grade teacher read James and the Giant Peach and Fantastic Mr. Fox to our class. I then went and read every single one of his books that they had in our school library (which, unfortunately was not all of them). I still have not read Matilda, but I've seen the movie. It's probably better in book form, though, so I'm going to have to get me a copy!

    Anyway, you're right-- those books totally changed my opinion of reading. What an awesome author, huh?

    1. He is, Kate! His work is fantastic! You need to read, Matilda! It is absolutely amazing!

  3. Matilda was one of my all-time favorites as a kid, and looking back, it definitely encouraged a love of reading in me and my classmates! Thinking of a book that has changed my opinion is a tough one, though; I think, if anything, I've read novels that have further emphasized my stance on a topic. Great discussion post! :)


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