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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #5: Favourite Heroines!

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish. This weeks' topic is the top ten heroines from books/movies/TV shows.

Hey, guys! It's me again, back on a lovely Tuesday morning with a lovely Top Ten Tuesday Post. I normally do not do these because, while they are one of my favourite types of posts to read, they are an absolute PAIN to format. However, the topic this week really intrigued me (Top Ten Heroines! Power to the Females!) and I needed to discuss. Some of the people that I chose are loosely heroines, they sometimes are not in the foreground but just stood out to me while reading/watching TV. Also, my picks are no particular order, I love them all the same! Hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment your personal picks! Until my net blog post, I love you guys to infinity and beyond!

It is no secret that the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead is one of my all time favourite series and I think that Rose is a major reason why. She is such a strong protagonist; she's beautiful, she's ridiculously sarcastic and not to mention that she's a total badass! I didn't enjoy the movie at all, it made a mockery of a truly amazing book series, and I didn't feel like the actress really portrayed what Rose was all about but I still adore the character. Honestly, all of my LOL moments while reading this series were either said by her or said in relation to her.

The Khaleesi! For those of you reading this who watch Game of Thrones, you just know. Daenerys starts off the series as a fragile exiled royal forced by her brother to marry a Dothraki king twice her age. Somehow, as the show progresses, she transforms into this dragon-mother and army-owner who will not stop until she claims the throne of Westeros, her birthright. Her character is incredible and basically breaks all gender stereotypes in Game of Thrones. She's a female leader but she is just and not vindictive and she needs to rule!

This list would not be complete without the ever-brilliant, Hermione Granger. Do I even need to explain why I put her on this list? For starters, she is wonderfully intelligent and because of this, she saves her friends' lives on many instances. She is also brave and selfless and loyal and truthfully, I don't think that Harry Potter would be alive beyond the first book if it wasn't for Hermione.

Unlike her sister, Sansa, who I personally find to be incredibly dull and naive, Arya is neither of those things and I believe that she is incredibly strong for having survived all the things that she has. There is just a spark in her that seems to carry her throughout the show and maybe it's everything that she has witnessed in her years, but she is incredibly mature for her age. She is also one of my favourite characters in Game of Thrones.

Bonnie (from the Vampire Diaries) is probably the most compassionate and selfless character on the show. She does everything for everyone, no matter the consequences to herself. Sometimes, it is a bit sad because I feel like her love for her friends is a one-sided thing. She just has horrible friends who forget about her a lot even though she has saved them more times than I can count.

So, guys, I recently started getting into The 100, I'm on season 2 and I just needed to include Octavia Blake on this list. Girl power to the max! It's like why send a man to do what Octavia Blake can do in five seconds without blinking?

Percabeth for life! Annabeth's character is a lot similar to Hermione's in that she somehow knows everything there is to know about everything. Yep, I don't think they'd get along very well. In the same way that I enjoy reading about Hermione's character, I enjoy reading about Annabeth's because she adds so much to PJO and without her, again, Percy would be dead before the first novel finished.

First of all, I'd like to give credit to chyrsalisgrey on deviantart for the lovely drawing of June and Patsie (don't know her last name, couldn't find it anywhere) for the absolutely stunning illustration. June is superwoman; she has the stealth of a cheetah and is incredibly smart. She starts of the trilogy as an antagonist to Day and as the trilogy unfolds, we see her alliances shift and get to watch her make the valiant decision of turning against everything she's ever known and opt to start a revolution with Day. Reading about her was so thrilling because she wasn't a sit-back-and-watch character, she was knee-deep in the middle of all the action.

I don't know how many of you watch Reign. If you don't, you should. It chronicles the life of Mary Staurt, Queen of Scots and before you're turned off from it, it's soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good! There's drama, there's action and then, there's Mary. Mary redefines the laws of monarchy; she is young and has all these new ideas and morals and refuses to be pushed down by anyone let alone a man. She has such strong opinions and values and she is such a powerful character. She is a force to be reckoned with and puts the needs of her people before herself. I love Mary, I love Reign!

Sydney's brain is a calculator. Literally. That she's sure of, everything else, not so much. At the beginning of the Bloodlines series and even at the end of the VA series, she is so insecure and not really sure of who she is. As it moves along however, we see a development in Sydney and she's suddenly confident and rebellious and an all-powerful witch!