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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Life of a Blogger: My Saturday Morning (Usually)

Life of a Blogger is a feature hosted by Novel Heartbeat, where you guys get to know us, the bloggers, on a more personal level as each week we tackle a new topic that is unrelated to books.

This week's topic is: Routines!

Hello, guys! Welcome back to my blog! I initially was not going to do this week's topic because for me, it would make for quite a boring post as my routines are probably as dull as they could get. Still, as uninteresting as my routines are, they help you to know a bit more about me which is awesome so here we go!

Let's talk about Saturday because, honestly, on the other days, I am just a disoriented mess because I either 1) have school or 2)I am procrastinating a crap ton of homework FOR school. I usually wake up at around 5:30 AM on Saturdays, no reason, and I just lie there for half an hour, staring into space and praying that my freakish early-morning ways don't wake anyone else in the house because that would be unfortunate. Then, when I do decide to haul my lazy butt off my bed, I tiptoe into the bathroom (to pee, mostly likely :P) and do a quick survey of the fridge for the remains of the previous night's feast, even though I never actually make anything until my parents wake up (what? There's nothing better than mommy's cooking). Afterwards, I ninja back into my room and boot up my iPad and my laptop because what else am I gonna do at 6AM in the morning? Firstly, I check my emails because I just love doing that, there's always a fun little surprise waiting for me: new blog posts from my fav bloggers, bookish news + new review requests! I could spend anywhere between 20 minutes and an hour reading my emails. Next, I move onto Twitter and stalk all the humans while simultaneously checking my blog and looking at cute clothes online (yeah, I can multitask :P). Then, I either start writing my blog posts for the week or I catch up on my TV shows, usually the latter because I'm a really lazy interesting girl. I generally do that until my mom wakes up at around 10-ishAM and decides to make breakfast and yell at me for "not doing housework" before I voyage on the internet. The rest of my morning is kind a blur: I come off the computer, eat, shower, do chores and jump back on my laptop and wait for next Saturday when I can do it all again.

What about you guys? What do you do on Saturday mornings? Comment down below and tell me! Until my next post, I love you infinity and beyond!


  1. Hi, Laquesha! Saturday mornings for me: Make coffee. Check email. Drink coffee. Get distracted by email. Check book stats. Drink coffee. Open writing program. Read the last thing I wrote. Drink coffee. Get distracted by kids. Attempt to focus. Drink coffee. (Do you see a theme here?) Make myself focus. Start writing. Drink coffee. Keep writing. Drink coffee. Write. Write. Write. Write. Write. Get all shaky because I drank too much coffee. Con my oldest daughter into making something nice for breakfast. Eat/feel better. Write, write, write. Sit with my darling husband and chat/ drink coffee. Write a bit more. Lament the fact that I only wrote x amount of words. ...And on to all the must-do weekend things.

    If there was a coffee shortage, I might be in trouble, huh?

    1. So much coffee! LOL. You probably won't survive the day without that coffee :D


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