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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Book Blitz! : Evolution by Kate Wrath (E #2)

Evolution, the second book in the E series, is now available!  Get Evolution and E for only 99¢ each during release week, November 12th-19th, 2014.


cover of Evolution by Kate Wrath
Outpost Three is still standing… barely. But the deadliest threat it has ever faced is on its way-- a violent force that will annihilate every man, woman, and child.

With the Sentries under his control and Grey’s army defeated, Matt is more powerful than ever. Eden is little more than his prisoner, but that line is blurring as her affection for him grows. Now, as the Outpost faces total destruction, Matt must sacrifice the possibility of attaining Eden’s love in the vague hope that her past might hold the key to saving them all.

Eden’s journey will begin to unravel the mysteries of her previous life, reveal dangerous new questions, and change not only the future of Outpost Three, but shape the course of history.

This eagerly anticipated sequel to Kate Wrath’s E begins an epic quest into the dark, dystopian landscape of Eden’s world.
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Get both books in the E series, E and Evolution, for 99¢ each on Kindle for a limited time only:  November 12th- 19th, 2014.

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Join Kate for the Evolution Release Day Facebook Party:

You're invited!  Come hang out November 12th from 8-12 pm Eastern and celebrate the release of Evolution.  Woohoo!

An excerpt from Evolution:

We run down the narrow alley and take the first turn, then another. We keep running, moving. I don't even notice my surroundings until, at last, we slow to a stop. The smell hits me first—the stench of piss, of something rotten, all condensed into a small space. Breathing hard, we stand in the street and look around us. We're in a main thoroughfare now, judging from the traffic, but it’s still narrow. I feel squashed, smothered. On all sides, a crowd throngs around us. Most of them are dressed in rags. Hollow faces huddle three or four bodies deep against both edges of the road, dirty, hopeless, and lost. Many of them are children.

I'm scanning their faces frantically before I even realize what I'm doing. "Oscar," I hear myself whisper. It hits me, and I break off before I can call out his name. Before I can start running again, sifting through the masses of them.

Apollon's hand clamps onto mine, but he says nothing. He and Jonas are focused on Jacob, who is shaking violently. Tears are pouring from widened eyes down his face. I want to help him, but all I can do is stand here trying not to break down, myself.

"We need to find somewhere to regroup," Jonas says quietly. "Get out of this mess."

I cast around for somewhere to go, but as far as I can see, it's piles upon piles. People, and people, and buildings looming over them. There's no breathing room. No space. I have to force my breath to steadiness. It's too much.

There is a commotion on the street ahead, maybe a block away. The ragged masses push away from the center, squashing and trampling each other in the process. We're caught in a wave of motion and carried backward, but still we try to look. Where the commotion started, there's a group of figures, similarly dressed in black with blue bandanas. They're moving down the street toward us.

The wave of people suddenly backlashes from the other direction, and we're pushed the opposite way from before. We manage to finally see why. On our opposite side, there's another group of people. These are dressed primarily in white. One of them, clearly a leader, wears a purple doo rag and carries what might be the biggest gun I've ever seen. He raises it toward us.


Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Book Review: Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi (Under The Never Sky #1)

bookreview Rating:image descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage description
Title:Under The Never Sky
Author:Veronica Rossi
Publication Date:January 3rd 2012
Source:Personal Buy


Since she'd been on the outside, she'd survived an Aether storm, she'd had a knife held to her throat, and she'd seen men murdered.

This was worse.

Exiled from her home, the enclosed city of Reverie, Aria knows her chances of surviving in the outer wasteland — known as The Death Shop — are slim. If the cannibals don't get her, the violent energy storms will. Then Aria meets an Outsider named Perry. He's wild — a savage — and her only hope of staying alive.

A hunter for his tribe in a merciless landscape, Perry views Aria as sheltered and fragile—everything he would expect from a Dweller. But he needs Aria's help too; she alone holds the key to his redemption. Opposites in nearly every way, Aria and Perry must come together to survive. Their unlikely alliance forges a bond that will determine the fate of all who live under the never sky.

My review of this book might be just a little bit weird because I read it at the end of September and to be honest, I can't really remember much about what happened. I remember enjoying this book a lot, I think I gave it four cupcakes while reading so with that being said, I am going to try to review it as best as I can given my lack of memory. K? K.

The plot of this novel, more specifically, the world was extremely original! I mean, I love Science Fiction books and I can honestly say that I have never read anything like this before. Picture Star Wars, mixed with Pocahontas and Justice League. I don't know why I made that comparison but that's kind of the vibe that I got from reading this. Star Wars because the idea of the different virtual realms and progressive forms of communication just screamed space. I mean, you could literally fall in love and practically do anything within your mind. The Pocahontas aspect came from the fact that people who didn't operate within the realms were known as "savages" and they lived in tribes and did pretty traditional tribe things. Justice League because I didn't really know how to explain the fact that these "savages" possessive extra-sensory abilities, that is, super hearing, smelling and even, seeing. The world was so completely unique and weird, totally completely weird but enjoyable.

I didn't quite enjoy the "romance" between Perry and Aria but I loved reading about them, as well as, the other characters in this novel. I particularly loved Roar. He was just so witty and incredibly funny, he stole the attention in every chapter that he was in from the moment that he was introduced. There were also really cute and quite frankly awkward (in a good way) moments between Aria and Perry when she's learning to adjust to the fact that she is no longer in the world of Realms (refer to the first time she got her period HAHA). Though the romance fell really short for me, I felt like the characters were solid and lovable.

The ending of this book was a bit anti-climatic. I still have a desire to continue on with the trilogy but it was a bit mellow and not how I expected it to be given the events coming down to the end of the book. I mean, it was intriguing and left me wondering but...idk, I just didn't feel it too much.

For the reasons given above, at least the ones I can recall at the moment, I decided to give this book 4 cupcakes. It was a quick read with a really interesting premise and very well-developed characters. I would recommend it to all the lovers of sci-fi out there, it's definitely worth checking out.

Final Sentence of the Book
She chased the sounds until all she heard was his heartbeat and then his breath and his voice, right by her ear, telling her, in tones as warm as fire, exactly the words she wanted to hear.

Read if you enjoy...

Science Fiction~Star Wars

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Monday, 3 November 2014

Making Up For Monday #9: Dust Jackets or NAH?

Hosted by An Avid Reader, A Wannabe Writer
Description: Each week I will have a book-related theme or game, or something fun to do that week. And you can play along! All you have to do is find the question for that week, go to your own blog, write a post that day based on that question, and link your post to this one using the link up tool at the bottom of the post.

This week's question:Do you like to keep a book's dust jacket or not? Why or why not?

I don't know if you guys know this but I honestly prefer paperback books to hardcovers so I own mostly paperback. Though I find hardcover books look pretty on my shelf, reading them is such a pain because of the dust jacket so I always remove them when reading and put them back on afterwards. When I read with them on, it's really awkward and I'm constantly on edge because I have this perpetual fear that they will bend or rip if I make any sudden movements.

So, what about you guys? What do you do with the dust jackets of hardcover books? Comment down below and tell me! Until my next post, which is I don't know when because of school, I love you infinity and beyond!

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Hello November!: Changes, New Schedule, WHAT?!

Hey guys! How are you doing? I am going to keep this intro to a minimum and just get straight to the point. I haven't really been involved in the book blogging world since the beginning of September and at first, it was very easy to blame it all on school and the fact that I am so busy with all the demands of life and fifth form but I can't deny any longer that my absence really has more to do with laziness than anything else. There, I said it! I'm lazy! I love blogging, I love it so so so so so much and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon as it is a massive part of my life.

However, I feel like it has become a major chore for me lately and that does not sit well with me. This is largely to blame on my lack of a posting schedule. When, I first started, it was just something that was fun that I did in my free time without a care in the world and as I became more and more involved, I soon realized how demanding and time-consuming blogging really is. With that being said, I have devised a schedule/blogging plan that I just feel will work for me and will help make blogging feel fun again and that will allow me to not only post but to actually interact a lot more with other members of the book blogosphere.

So here goes!
*Comment on at least 20 blog posts per day with meaningful comments. I am so guilty of being a ghost reader, I read a lot of posts from other bloggers and never comment my thoughts and feels so there never is any real, human socialization and it's weird.

*Tweet/Reply to tweets and emails with a lot more frequency. What can I say? I am not a social human.

*Use the weekend as an opportunity to schedule blog posts for the week instead of slacking off and watching TV.

*Post at least four times each week. This might be difficult but I will make it happen, it will happen!

*Vary the type of blog posts that I write so that they're not singular and are more enjoyable to read.

*Use Goodreads more often because my Goodreads profile has been inactive for like MONTHS!

So, that is my plan, effective from the day this post goes live. I am going to comment, tweet, post and just generally interact more and just get back that feeling of enjoyment and fun that I felt while blogging. I still feel it, just less. Do not fret, though, I am not leaving, you can't get rid of me that easy! Have a lovely day and thank you so much for reading. I love you infinity and beyond!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Book Tour Review: Chasing Luck by Brinda Berry (Serendipity #1)

bookreview Rating:image descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage descriptionimage description
Title:Chasing Luck (Serendipity #1)
Author:Brinda Berry
Publisher:Sweet Biscuit Publishing LLC
Publication Date:May 4th 2014


Sometimes surviving doesn’t feel lucky. Especially when you’re a sole survivor...

At the age of seven, Malerie walked away from a bombing that left hundreds dead—including her mother. When a crazed gunman kills her guardian on her eighteenth birthday, Malerie suspects there may be more to her survival than luck. A mysterious code holds the key to her future, and a reluctant white knight holds the key to her heart.

A loner wearing emotional armor…

Ace is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur focusing on two things in life: financial security and a life without ties. A life that doesn't risk losing the ones who matter. When Ace is hired to secretly act as a bodyguard for Malerie, he faces an unwanted attraction that threatens to sabotage his heart. Can Ace find the courage to love a girl with a death wish?

This novel was an amazing and really entertaining one and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I felt a really deep connection with the main character, Malerie, her character was really developed. Also, the writing style of the author was really beautiful and it flowed well. The plot of the story just jumped out and grabbed me.

I think that all of the characters in Chasing Luck were interesting, relatable and memorable but I have to say that I loved Malerie the most. She was my favourite and throughout reading this novel, an indescribable connection was formed, somehow linking me to this character. She is "lucky" or maybe "cursed" as was the lone survivor of a bombing that she lost her mom to and again, when she was shot during gunfire at a restaurant where she lost her uncle; she should have died but didn't. Because of all that she's witnessed, she has a perpetual fear of accidents which is why she's been homeschooled all her life and refuses to leave home to attend college. I don't know why but I just felt for this character, her problems seemed very real and her emotions just gave me all the feels!

The writing style of the author was concise but at the same time, it was extremely descriptive and it flowed really well. It wasn't long and drawn out, like most contemporary books are, it was perfect for the story and I really liked it. Also, I really loved how, at the beginning of each chapter, the author included a quote from Jelly Bean Queen, which was Malerie's favourite band. You guys know how I feel about chapter quotes, they are the best thing of life!

The actual plot of this story was so suspenseful and also very romantic, it had me hanging onto every single word. I enjoyed reading about Ace and Malerie's developing relationship and I can't spoil you guys but everything happens and there are so many plot twists and turns that you will never want to put this book down!

I decided to give this one five cupcakes, I thought that it was an amazing read filled with love and mystery and I would recommend it to just aboout anyone.

P.S Ignore how my navbar is gone atm. It's under reconstruction. K?

Final Sentence of the Book

It's a Jelly Bean Queen Lyric, I have two seconds before Malerie runs into my arms, right where she belongs.

Read if you enjoy...

Love~New Adult~Sassy Main Characters

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