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Sunday, 7 September 2014

Stockpile Sundays #4: Fangirling Over Everything!

Stockpile Sundays is a weekly meme that I created which allows you to share your obsessions from the past week. Stockpiling in the sense of addiction to particular things and not necessarily physical collection of objects. These things can range from books and TV-shows to little bits and bobs that you might discover in your everyday life.

Hello to my lovely readers! I haven't done a Stockpile Sundays post in a while not because I haven't been obsessed with anything, I periodically fall into obsession with things daily. I just don't know if you guys find these posts interesting but I thought I'd do one anyways as I've been loving quite a few things lately, just a few. I have two things that I want to share with you guys today.

1)After The Bridge by Cassandra Clare

You don't know what this is? What? You are not a true Cassandra Clare fan? Kidding! After The Bridge is basically an Infernal Devices short story written by Cassie a little while ago for all the Jem and Tessa (Jessa) fans that exist in the world. It explains what happens with them after the epilogue of Clockwork Princess. I really cannot explain much without spoiling everything for those of you who haven't finished this trilogy but it was a GOOD one! You get to see a different angle of what was the original story and it was just really cool. Also, before you ask, I am team no one because I love Jem and I also really love Will. Blogger is kind of malfunctioning right now and isn't allowing me to copy and paste anything but just google "After The Bridge by Cassandra Clare" and you will find the story on her Tumblr. I'm sorry I couldn't provide the link, Blogger does not like me today.

I mentioned Salem in my August wrap-up but I didn't really go in-depth with it. The show revolves around witches and I don't often see a lot of shows that are just witch-based so it drew me in immediately. It follows the story of John Alden who is the son of the founder of the town, Salem and his return to Salem after being gone for about a decade in war with the Indians. He comes back to his town that is full of witch rumours, to his long-lost love Mary and the witch trials. The plot of the show is amazing, kind of creepy but intriguing. I mean, the theme song is sung by Marilyn Manson, I wasn't expecting bunnies and unicorns. Salem is a relatively new show, it only has one season so far but it's so good and I feel it needs to be hyped because it deserves it!

This, my friends, is John Alden. I don't know if any of you watched Nikita but this was Nikita's love interest, Michael. That show was my thing! He also acted in A Walk To Remember which I haven't seen yet because I haven't read the book but I love him. Shane West is the bae, even though he's 20 years old than me. The character that he plays on Salem is just so hilariously sarcastic and badass, you can't help but love him. I'm sorry that I cannot elaborate more without giving away the entire show but take my word for it, it's a great show.

Those are just two of the hundreds of things that have been near to my heart recently. What are your current favourite things? Let me know in the comments and until next time, I love you infinity and beyond!