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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Blog Tour Review: The Wizard's Gift by Michael Waller

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Title:The Wizard's Gift
Author:Michael Waller
Publication Date:June 29th 2012
Source:My Reading Addiction Blog Tours


The last of an ancient group of wizards leaves a gift to the newly arrived race of men. It is revered and cared for by a line of priests until it is stolen, and the high priest and his sovereign murdered by a king who believes himself destined to be a great wizard. But from ancient writings the high priest had discovered that the gift is not benevolent as was thought. This forces the son of the high priest, unexpectedly elevated to his father's position, and the young prince who is equally suddenly king, into a race to find the gift before it can be used as that may cause the destruction of the world. Accompanied by the retired captain of the palace guard they hope to speed their journey by crossing the Wasteland, a seeming desert, which is fabled to be populated by monsters, and from which no visitor has ever returned. In the course of their adventures they are hunted by dog faced men and captured by slavers, but the young prince truly becomes a king, and the priest discovers that he has a destiny that goes beyond the bounds of his world.

I really enjoyed reading this book, I've never really read much of the Fantasy Genre before and I think that this was a good start to it. The premise was amazing but the plot was kind of slow-paced and at times, overly detailed. The characters were so well-developed and were basically added onto that long list of characters that I adore. The writing style was really eloquent and beautiful but at times, I found the fancy words really difficult to follow.

The premise of this novel was perfection! You have your wizards, an enchanted key, a Wasteland with a whole bunch of creepy monsters and there are kingdoms! What more could you really want? Now, you guys know that I am a sucker for any book that has a monarchy in it. I have absolutely no clue why such a thing excites me but it does. The plot was kind of slow-paced for me, actually, and I felt like there were a lot things that were overly-described. Overly-described? Yes, things like the grass and the trees and all of that kind of stuff were just extensively talked about and I feel like those lengthy descriptions needed to be shortened because they kind of put me to sleep at times.

The characters in The Wizard's Gift were supercalifragilistespialidocious (I don't think I spelled that correctly but you get the idea). I loved the fact that they were all on the same journey but each of them were experiencing different things. Caran Tuith was learning how to be a better king, Carantor was reminiscing on the old days and trying to avenge Caran Tuith's father and Bataan was following his true and meaningful destiny. The novel was written in third-person point of view and I truly believe that that was the most suitable because you got an in-depth look at the minds of not one but all three of these characters which was an immense plus because they're all really lovable.

I really liked the writing style of this book figuratively. Meaning, thinking about actual people talking like that, it would be fantastic, beautiful and captivating. However, in reality, it confused the hell out of me. Words were weird and sentences were endlessly long which made it hard to focus on any one train of thought. I'd be forced to re-read paragraph upon paragraph repeatedly to decipher what I was really reading. The writing style was good on the tongue, it sounds great but the foreign words coupled with the tiring, extensive sentences made me restless sometimes.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book and was really excited to pick it up when I saw that no one had rated it before on Goodreads. I kind of wanted to be the first to talk about it. It was a decent read that I think lovers of fantasy will devour shamelessly. For all the reasons I listed above, I decided to give this book 4 cupcakes. My actual rating is probably a 3.8 but that's approximately four right? Guys, go ahead and check out this book because it might end up being your new favourite.

About The Author

Michael was born in Middlesbrough in the North Riding of Yorkshire, UK in 1951 where he was soon creating havoc as a short trousered rebel. Fortunately as his mother was head cook at police headquarters his numerous run ins with the constabulary were dealt with in the privacy of the family home. A junior school run by nuns, and then an excellent grammar school under the watchful eye of Marist priests educated him to have a love of literature, music and science. Though they did nothing to curb his anti-authority streak.

An initial ramble through all manner of jobs finally came to a halt in the oil and chemical industry where his love of science and all things technical provided him with gainful employment for almost thirty years. Whilst working he spent several years in the Middle East with visits to India, and around Europe before landing in the USA where he has lived for the past twenty years.

Retired now he writes, take photographs and restores vintage British motorcycles in upstate New York.


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