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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Marry, Kiss, Kill (Book Edition)

Hey Guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I thought I would do something a bit different! I am going to be endulging in a little game that I thought was really cool: The Marry, Kiss, Kill game. Basically it's where you randomly choose characters from different books and then you have to make the most difficult choice ever whether you want to marry them, kiss them or kill them! I chose the names for the game by gathering all my favourite books and writing down male characters from those books. That got about 60 names which is clearly, way too much so to alleviate that problem, I put all of the names in a jar, shook it to randomize, selected only 21 names and discarded the rest. I hope that you guys enjoy reading this because I had a lot of fun with this little game. :)

This was an easy group. Obviously, I'm going to kill Mortmain because he is just an evil, manipulative bastard. I'll kiss Emmett because why not make out with a sexy vampire?! Of course, I want to marry Harry Potter because he's the boy who lived! Plus, his name alone is associated with so many happy memories. :)

Looks like we have a theme going in this group; all of these characters are either from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series or the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I would kill Chiron because he's a centaur and centuries old which is weird. He is nice, I guess, but...eww! I would kiss Luke because, even though he's the villian in the books, have you seen the actor that plays him in the movies?! SO HOT! And I would marry Leo because then I'd get to kiss him all the time(along with other things jk). Leo is so adorable and nerdy and we would be so happy together!

I would easily kiss Apollon because he was so funny and lovable in E. Now, it gets hard. I love Jasper and I don't hate Warner anymore, I'm just starting to like him. Okay...I'm gonna...kill Warner and marry Jasper!

So...right off the blocks, Marcus is dead. Carlisle or Ron? This is hard because they're both so nice and sweet! I can't! Can I marry them both?! Okay, okay, I'm calm! I think I'll kiss Ron on his very freckled face and marry Carlisle because he's really loving and will take great care of me.

I feel like I would kill Mason because I never really had much of an attachment to him in Vampire Academy. I mean, he was an interesting character, I guess (not interesting for too long though :D). I would marry Dimitri for sure because not only is he extremely physically attractive but he's also kind-hearted. That leaves Felix, who I would kiss because he is sexy and a vampire and a member of the Volturi so...yeah.

THIS. IS. SO. DIFFICULT. Kill Demetri but...he's too hot to die! He's portrayed by Charlie Bewley for crying out loud! Hmm...I would...kiss Simon and marry Will! There, I said it, toughest decision of my life!

Kill Peter, kiss Henry, marry Jace. That was easy!

So that was my little game. I'm curious, would you have chosen differently for any of my picks? Comment down below and tell me! Until next time, stay happy and I love you guys to the moon and back.

P.S The weird little "!" thing is an exclamation point.


  1. I agree with most of your decisions. :) Fun.

  2. fun :D Though no one of these are a fav, I'd have a real problem

    1. It was really fun, you should try it. Though, the process of cutting up and folding 60 bits of paper was really time-consuming! :)

  3. What fun! When you pair up beloved characters this is difficult!

  4. I know! I had such a difficult time doing this!

  5. Looks like you have some really great choices up there. It would be so hard for me to pick out of all of them!


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