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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Interview with Kate Wrath, Author of E (E #1)

Hey, guys. I hope that you are are well and happy. Today, I am extremely excited to be doing an interview with Kate Wrath, who, if you haven't seen my last blog post, is the author of E, a book that I really loved and that you should really buy's awesome! I was so thankful that Kate allowed me to ask her these questions and I had a lot of fun coming up with them and I hope that both the questions and her responses inspire you to get the book and jump on our little bandwagon! Here we go!

Interview!!! :D

1) If you were stuck on a deserted island, assuming that you have an ample supply of food, water and shelter, what three books would be necessary to secure your survival?

OK.  Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief  because I just love, love, love that book so incredibly much.  Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival,because yeah, I might have food and shelter n’ all, but what’s that if I don’t know how to make rock bowls so I can have a nice cup of tea?  I mean, if I’m going to rough it, I’m going to do it in style.  And the third one…  this was really hard.  There are so many lovely books out there.  But I think I would have to say A Book of Treasured Poems.  I can’t even tell you who put this book together, but I have an ancient copy that my mom actually found in an abandoned house when she was a kid.  She loved it so much, and eventually she passed it on to me, and I have loved that book for so many years now, too.  Every time I open it up, I find something new, and beautiful, and inspiring.  So I figure it has many years of inspiring me left-- enough to withstand the desert island test!



2)Personally, I enjoy reading and writing blog posts on my bed. I like to sleep in my bed and reading and writing while simultaneously scrolling through Tumblr helps me to draw inspiration. Where is the place that you frequently write that helps you to draw the most inspiration? 


I don’t really need anything except privacy.  A lot of authors talk about working in coffee shops and things like that.  I just couldn’t.  I pretty much have to be home.  It’s my safe place, you know?  I feel secure and I can concentrate on my deepest thoughts. 


I work from my laptop, so it goes all around the house with me.  I have a cozy corner where I settle down in a gaming chair a lot of the day, but I like to work in bed, too.  In the evening, I hide in the bedroom where it’s nice and quiet, and type away.


3)You're walking down a dark alley one night and suddenly you're surrounded by zombies who have every intention of eating your brains. Which character from E would you recruit to help you fight the zombies and why?


Matt!  Because he’s more badass than you know!  


4)I feel like there's a bit of a love triangle romance potential in E involving Jonas, Eden and Matt, is that something that we're going to see developing more in the future books of the series? Team Matt for life, by the way.


Love triangle.  Everybody groan.  Right?


Geez, this is kind of a hard question.  I don’t want to say too much.  See, sometimes characters have their way of weaseling into a novel, and to be honest, Matt did just that.  I enjoyed writing his character so much that I wanted to write more and more of him.  Was he supposed to be so damned lovable?  Probably not.  But he’s Matt.  He just is!  So can we blame Eden for kind of digging him?  Not really.


So, again, without saying too much… let’s go back to where Matt got his start.  (Enter the author’s head at your own risk.)  Matt.  Complex, semi-evil, sexy villain.  OK, and Eden… a girl who is suffering from the ultimate identity crisis.  She literally does not know who she is.  And then of course, Jonas.  You know some things about him now that will obviously affect his relationship with Eden.  So, yes, Eden does have a choice to make here, and I think that was the point all along (as far as the romance aspect goes).  That when you are young, you have choices, and it is not always straight forward.  It’s not always clear-cut Prince Charming.  Especially not in this world.  And yeah, the dark side definitely has its pull.  As we move into the next book, you’ll see that Eden needs to figure out who she is before she can decide anything.  And it gets more complicated.  For fun, you know. 


I have kind of rambled here and not really answered your question.  So I’ll just plain tell you that I have not clearly seen the very end yet.  But I have seen considerable amounts of both Matt and Jonas before the end gets here.


5) All of the characters in E really stood out and had their own distinct personalities so it was very easy to connect with them on an emotional level, in particular, Oscar. I loved Oscar and was devastated (no spoilers) about life! Is there a chance that our favourite eight year old will be making a cameo appearance in the books to come?


If it does happen, it will probably be in a way that you don’t expect.  Part of me says no, it can’t happen, simply because that would take away from the impact of um… you know.  I don’t like it when authors undo things, because I think it takes away their power. 


6) The book is called E and your name is Kate Wrath so...using the letters E, K and W, say the first words that pop into your head when you think of this book.


Eden Kills Walruses?  There are no walruses in this book!


7) My name is a variation of 'Laquisha' which means 'joyful' , though I have also seen it to mean 'cinnamon tree'. Did you choose any of your character names because of their meanings, maybe to have their names suit their personalities or for a sense of irony? Or did you have other reasons for naming them as you did?


Some characters just have a name because that was what they were named when I saw them in my head.  Others have purposeful names.  In E, we see how Eden names herself, and what that means to her.  Apollon is a mix between Apollo, the god of the sun, and Apollyon, the destroyer.  Mixing mythologies is always fun.


8)What are some of the biggest challenges that you faced whilst undertaking the task of writing this novel?


It’s just always about the time.  I would get up at 5 am so I could write before going to work.  It’s exhausting, but when you love writing you do it, and you just look really sleepy all the time.  Oh well. 


9) Which was your favourite character to create? Which did you hold most dearly to your heart? And I know, this question is kind of like asking a mother to pick her favourite child but...I'm curious!


I really did love writing Matt, and I guess that must have come through.  He was so much fun to write.  There was so much tension every time he walked into the room.  I love that he’s far from perfect, but he’s still so appealing.


Aside from Matt, I loved writing Apollon, because I never knew what would come out of his mouth.  And whatever it was, I knew he could pull it off.


10)Throughout the entire book, there was the recurring idea of erasure, first mentioned when Eden awoke and then when the unspeakable happened to the most adorable...I can't even, it's too depressing to talk about! Will this be further explained as we discover more about Eden's past and her mysterious connection to Jonas?


Yes, it is definitely explained more, particularly Eden’s own story of erasure.  As for details, I balk at placing long explanations into my stories because I think it just weighs them down and makes them boring.  I prefer to drop my reader into the world and let them experience it first-hand.  I think this makes the world feel more real, and hopefully it’s not too confusing.  I’ll admit that sometimes it’s difficult to get this just right, because as an author you can’t “unknow” the workings of your world, so you have to rely on beta-readers and critiques to tell you if you’ve explained enough.  It’s a fine line.


11) If you could only read books from one author for the rest of your life, who would that author be and why?


I can’t answer this question!!!  It’s too hard!!! The PAIN!!!!!

12) I like candy/chocolate as much as the next girl and when reading a book, I like to compare it with types of candy according to the vibe that I'm getting from the book because it's fun and it makes the read so much sweeter. What kind of candy would you consider E to be because from the synopsis, we already know that it's not a light-hearted marshmallow-type read?


I was going to say dark, dark chocolate with a hint of cayenne pepper.  But then I realized… it has to be lemon drops.

13)Where did the idea of this very dark dystopian world come from? Did you just have a dream and woke up and started writing or was this an idea that gradually took form over time?


I had been working on two novels in a fantasy series.  One day, I was seized with the urge to write.  Something.  What?  I had no idea!!!  I sat down and started writing.  I literally knew nothing.  Not.  A.  Thing.  And yeah, E came out.  About two chapters in I realized this was not just writing for fun and I’d better get with the program and figure out what I was writing.  I wrote the whole thing in three months, but then I spent a good while editing and polishing as well.  But the concept was subliminal.  Maybe Eden was who she was because I didn’t know who she was.  Make sense?

14)Do you write in little frequent bursts when you're feeling inspired or do you often sit for hours at a time just writing down whatever comes to mind?


I just write.  It’s what I do.  (Did that sound cool, because in my mind it was spoken in this really suave voice.) 


No, really.  If the whole world would go away and leave me alone, I could sit and write for ten hours a day.  I really could.  And I could probably do this for a month on end at least.  I have a really long attention span.  I don’t work well in short bursts because I feel like I need to sink into my work, and that takes time.  My best work comes when I am working for a really long time.  When I try to work in short stretches, it’s harder for me to connect with my characters and their world.  I need to like… be the book.

15) The leading lady is anything but a damsel in distress, she's actually a knife wielding, card-dealing badass. Are you two very much alike and in another life, could you be Eden?


Yes, and no.  Eden and I are alike in that I’m a survivor.  Life has not always been easy, and I have gotten through some very difficult things.  I adapt and overcome.  And I take care of my own.  (Oh, and my mom taught me to play poker when I was about seven.  I once kicked my uncle’s butt, and he was all scandalized to be beaten by a little girl.  Gee, I hope my uncle isn’t reading this.)  So yeah, I suppose a lot of Eden is rooted in me.


But… I’m pretty shy and quiet, and especially when I’m around people I don’t know very well, you would never equate me to Eden.  And I tend to be way too trusting, which Eden is not.  So I guess it depends on where you’re coming from.

16) You are on a boat in the middle of the ocean when suddenly you hear a scream; one of the characters from your book is drowning. You don't know who it is but...guess? Which of your book characters is likely to get into a situation that allows them to flirt with death and renders them completely helpless? And following the course of the series, is this person likely to toughen up and become more independent?


It’s Miranda, right?  You saw Miranda, too. 


The thing about Miranda… yeah, she sometimes needs to be rescued and all… but when it counts, she forgets about herself.  Well, usually. 


I really hope that you saw all of my characters growing over the course of the book, and as far as I’m concerned as an author, if they don’t continue to grow, they’re dead.  You heard me, characters, DEAD.  So yeah, you better grow.



17)Matt, from the way he is described, seems to be kind of like a drug overlord minus the drug part but obviously he cannot have been this way all his life. Will we learn more about the mysterious Matt's background as the series progresses?


Kind of?  OK, everything is written from Eden’s perspective, so back-story only fits in here and there through dialogue.  But Matt definitely has a story that I want to tell.  It will most likely be done through short stories that I will post on my website.  (Just need a few more hours in the day.)


18)This is the question that I have been asking myself since the dawn of time and I need it answered: are Apollon and Jonas related? This seems like an extremely stupid thing to ask but Apollon said jokingly to Eden that they were and I didn't think they were but he said it so...I must know!


Apollon just grins again and says, “Me, too. We're twins. Don't you see the resemblance?”


Apollon is referring to the fact that he and Jonas were both erased (and thus reborn) on the same day.  More on that in Book 2.


19)Honestly, if you lived in this world of sentries, overlords, hunger and immense violence, how long do you think you'd survive?


Two minutes?  Maybe three.


20) Finally, the year is 3028 and humanity is on the brink of extinction. Crime is rampant and natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunamis are as common as the cold. The only possible way for human civilisation to survive is for you tell us one piece of information: a possible release date/time period for the second book in the series because...I need it now!


Whew, I always wanted to save mankind.  Here’s my chance:  I am aiming for release in late October/early November. 


Thank you so much for the interview, Laquesha.  It was tons of fun talking about my book with you!

Kate, if you're reading this, I had tons of fun with thi interview as well. Maybe we can do this again sometime. Possibly when the second book is released. *wink wink* I hope that you all enjoyed reading this interview, I know I enjoyed it and I will talk to you guys later.


Laquesha <3


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  2. Laquesha, you are AWESOME! I don't remember ever having so much fun while reading an interview!

  3. Great questions and I'm Team Matt too!


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