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Friday, 4 July 2014

Awesome Bookstores that I Want to Visit Within My Lifetime

Hey, guys! Welcome back to my blog! I am a book blogger , an avid reader and book lover and I happen to just thoroughly enjoy being inside bookstores. There's just something about rooms filled with rows upon rows of books that excites me. Recently, I've been searching through the beautiful internet for bookstores around the world that are just fabulous and that I would spend my money to visit one day. I found a few. They are, by no means, all the gorgeous bookstores that exist, just the ones that caught my eye. Also, they are in no particular order...just the order of life! Okay, I need to stop with the long, corny intros. :P I hope you enjoy reading this!

Laquesha <3

                                       The Book√†bar Bookshop, Rome, Italy

I just think that this bookstore looks so cool, like the lighting and everything and even the bookcases are really unique and futuristic. Plus, it is located in Rome which is at the top of the must-visit list so when I discovered this bookstore, I just knew it had to be on this list.
                                       Livraria Leelo, Porto, Portugal


Them stairs. Wow. This is magnificent and why woudn't I want to visit this glorious bookstore.

                                        Cook and Book, Brussels, Belgium

Guys, This is kind of cheesy but it's okay, this is a blog filled with a lot of cheesiness, I've wanted to visit Belgium since watching that Big Time Rush episode with the angry Belgian people and waffles so when I saw this pic, I knew I had to include this on my list. Like, why not? They have a roof of books! How cool is that?! Well, not cool if they ever have an earthquake, I guess but still, pretty cool.

                   Libreria El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is so pretty and huge! Where I live, we don't have Barnes and Noble or Powell's or any other really large, fancy bookshops so I just think it would be really neat to visit a bookshop that has multiple levels.

                                       Livraria da Vila, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Oh, how I wish I was in Brazil right now, watching the World Cup but...I'm broke so that's not going to happen! I can, however, lust over this sleek and modern bookstore that is just tormenting me with it's beauty.

That is all for the bookstores that I want to visit, for now. Do you have any bookstores that you might want to visit in your lifetime? And were any of the items on your must-visit list on my list? Comment down below and tell me! Adios until next time!