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Friday, 27 June 2014

My Bookish Dream Tattoo

Hey guys! So I was searching through Tumblr today (as always) and I found the absolute cutest tattoo ever will be mine! I mean there are a couple problems with me wanting this tattoo and they are: 1) I'm only 15, well, 16 in October so I'm technically not allowed to have a tattoo yet, 2) I have a low pain tolerance A.K.A the wimp syndrome. Yep, I'll admit that I am a wimp who's afraid of needles and 3) I think it's quite scary and weird to get something permanently engrained onto your skin. But despite all these issues, I feel like, if not now, when I'm like 18 or so, I want this tattoo because it's amazing! Below is a picture of my future tattoo.


I just think that it perfectly describes me, you know? I read and I want the whole entire world to know that and I think the only way to do that, besides writing this blog, is to introduce a level of permanency into the equation. Besides that, I just think that this tattoo is cute. It's simple and there is a certain measure of beauty in it's simplicity. I mean, who doesn't want a stack of books and a variation of a George R.R Martin quote on their waist? Non-readers, that's who! So, I just thought I'd share my bookish tattoo wants with you. Do you have any bookish tattoo wants of your own? Or any tattoo wants in general? Or do you completely disprove of getting tattoos because as much as I covet this tattoo, I'm still hesitant because they're kind permanent and that's kind of scary! Comment down below what you think of it and I'll catch you on the flip side.

Laquesha <3



  1. I have considered getting one of the robotic hand and lily from my book cover... like to commemorate it or something! I, too, am a wimp, but more than that, I am changeable. So I've still never gotten a tattoo because I am pretty sure that in five years I will not like it anymore and want something different!

  2. Exactly! I'm sure indecisive so I'll like it one minute and then hate it the next which is really bad if I want to get a permanent tattoo. <3


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