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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Top 5 Wednesday - Top Siblings

What's up my lovelies! So here's another Top Five Wednesday Family(clickity-click on the name to find out more about it)post. T5W is a weekly meme created by Lainey from GingerReadsLainey it's just a bunch of booktubers/bloggers/anyone who really wants to do it who post every Wednesday, a top five list. This week's topic is Top Five Siblings and this was really difficult for me because I don't read a great deal of books with actual blood-related siblings in them, idk, it's just weird. I tried my hardest to scrape together a presentable list but...if it sucks and I bend the rules here and there, forgive me, you know, I'm kind of awkward and stupid.
~Laquesha <3

5. Isabelle and Alec from the Mortal Instruments Series
I have no clue why but I just really really really really really really really love Isabelle and Alec's relationship. It's not that they're super-duper close and lovey all the time but...they're willing to do anything for each other, to keep each other safe and Izzy was just so sweet in City of Bones when she was keeping Alec's sexuality a secret. I love their sibling relationship in particular but the threesome relationship among Izzy, Alec and Max is pretty cool too. :)

4. Adam and James from the Shatter Me Trilogy
Adam Kent is forced to take care of his younger brother, James, because his father beat him senselessly and their mother is dead. They have more of a father-son-type relationship. I've only read the first book and the novella but I know that the relationship between Adam and his brother is a factor that landed me a spot on Team Adam (sorry Warner, I like you but...ADAM!). They're just so loving towards each other and it makes me happy because come on, it's adorable!

3. Katniss and Prim from the Hunger Games trilogy
I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of the Hunger Games, the books and the movies are just alright but Prim and Katniss' relationship is so sugary sweet and pure, I just love. Lovelies, Katniss basically volunteered to DIE for her sister in some stupid killing game that she wasn't sure she was going to make it out alive from. That's commitment.

2. Alec and Jane from the Twilight Saga
Now this is a really weird choice because in the series, they're both kind of evil but they're really nice to each other if that makes sense. They're horrible and cruel to others but they're so tender to each other and I love how they call each other "Brother" and "Sister" instead of by their names. I think it's cute and endearing and from what I can grasp because they only appear for tiny bits in the last three books of the saga, they're a pretty badass duo. I mean, they're super powerful, twin vampires with insane gifts and shit. It's just cray but...I love them!

1. Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series
*cries* FRED IS GONE! They were like a pair, it was always Fred and George and they were the coolest, funniest pair of people in the Harry Potter series. I remember laughing so loudly throughout reading this series because I adored them so much and the crap that they pulled sometimes just killed me. I don't think that there ever existed a pair of siblings that have left a larger imprint on me and that is why they are my number one this week!