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Sunday, 30 March 2014

My Biggest Bookish Pet Peeve and the Difficulty of Dealing With It

Hey, universe! Today, I thought I would just discuss a problem that I have and trust's a problem! For those of you who read, well, I hope that you read if you're reading this, you might just empathize with me here. I really HATE it when books are horrible. And, let me clarify, by horrible, I mean torn/ripped/cover falling off/anything other than its original, perfect, pristine condition. It really bothers me, whether its my book or not, especially when it's a book belonging to me. I spend a ton of money on the books that I read and I think other people spend a lot of money on theirs as well and I really don't know if it's because they don't care about the condition their property is in that their books sometimes are not of the best quality. Or maybe they're like me and they let their kindness take over and lend books to people who obviously won't take as good care of it as you would.

I can't tell you the number of times I've lent books to others and the pages came back dog-eared. I mean, seriously, is it really that hard to get a bookmark?! Buy one, make one, just please don't bend my pages, it's the equivalent of bending me into a thousand little pieces and guess what? I'm not flexible, I can barely touch my toes. Another problem associated with me lending books is somehow, I don't know how they manage it, but my book cover and my book spine, always comes back with cracks all over them. And it leads me to wondering, did you sit on this? IDK, how it happens, IDK how they manage but it always happens. I mostly buy paperback books because they're cheaper and cuter, not when I lend it to people though, because...I get them back with the cover peeling off? How? What? IDK, it just happens. And let's not talk about those few times that I actually buy hardcover books, lend them to someone and the dust jacket comes back torn.

I know reading this, you're probably thinking, if the problem is your books being in horrible condition because you lend them to others, why not just stop lending them? It's because of that problem I talked about earlier, I have it bad. I am a self-destructive, psycho, stupid, moron. Even though I hate having my books in a shoddy condition, I'll lend them anyway because I have a problem saying 'no' to people because I can't fight the feeling that I'm being selfish. So, I'll continue to lend them anyway despite the fact that when I receive them and they're ruined, I feel like every bone in body breaks and my nerves are set on fire. I just thought that I should write this down to vent my feelings and maybe it'll help me to deal with this peeve.Below is a picture of some of my more unsightly books (sorry for the crap camera quality).
 photo b0a3d249-a6d6-4e63-9217-81e23e2d6e8d_zps177abdd2.jpg

~Laquesha :)