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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare (The Infernal Devices #2)


Title:Clockwork Prince
Author:Cassandra Clare
Publisher:Simon and Schuster, Margaret K. McElderry
Source:Personal Buy
Format: Finished Paperback Book

In magical Victorian London, orphan Tessa found safety with the Shadowhunters, until traitors betray her to the Magister. He wants to marry her, but so do self-destructive Will and fiercely devoted Jem. Magnus Bane returns to help them. Secrets to her parentage lie with the mist-shrouded Yorkshire Institute's aged manager Aloysius Starkweather.



WHAT?! WOW!!! WHOA! I just don't know what to think!! I love what Jem did but...what about Will?!!! What's gonna happen to their parabatai relationship?!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book for quite a few reasons. Firstly, WILL!!! Secondly, Will and Tessa vs Jem and Tessa (be prepared for heartbreak and confusion). And thirdly, Cassandra Clare's writing is just flawless, as always (I mean, it's Cassandra Clare, did I really expect anything less?).

So, I really didn't like Will all that much in the first book. I thought he was unnecessarily arrogant, sly and basically a pre-the-Mortal-Instruments copy of Jace Wayland,only meaner (did you even read that Tessa and Will scene at the end of Clockwork Angel? I wanted to kill him). In this book, however, we were able to see him in a whole new light. We saw the kind, loving side of him that I wasn't sure even existed. His back story was explained and he was no longer the grouchy seventeen year old whose face you wanted to break. He was a sad and hopelessly desperate child who wanted, needed the love that he denied himself for years and I wanted to just hug him and never let go. Throughout the novel, proof of his kindness(mostly towards Jem)kept being unraveled and revealed and EVERYTHING MADE SENSE! Every rude comment, brash all made sense and before starting this book, I was completely on Team Jem. Now, I'm not so sure. Nice Will has begun to mess with my emotions and I think I like it

Honestly, the love triangle in the Infernal Devices trilogy is the most devastating and amazingly confusing one I'v ever read. Usually, I'm dead sure about whose Team I'm on but for this book, I was just so torn. I mean, can I be on both teams? I feel every time Jem or Will makes a move on Tessa, I'm happy but sad at the same time because I love both Jem and Will but I don't know if their relationship will survive if one of them ends up with Tessa and that really, really scares me because they're Parabatai, blood brothers and their relationship is sooooooooooo adorable and believable and lovely and I DON'T WANT IT TO END!!!

Cassandra Clare's writing is so beautifully descriptive and flows so well, I think she might be one of my favourite authors. The world in this novel was so original and well done and in my opinion, the world-building and character-building in the Infernal Devices surpasses the Mortal Instruments by tenfold. I love all the characters and feel emotionally connected to every single one of them, there isn't a dull or useless character. They all have their own peculiarities that make them special and significant in the novel. The novel also had a ton of cliffhangers and was extremely suspenseful (that cliffhanger at the end!)

I really enjoyed reading this book, a lot more than I enjoyed Clockwork Angel. It was so so so amazing and fast paced and I can't spew enough great things about this novel. I would recommend it for all fans of the Mortal Instruments series and anyone in general who is fascinated by a truly kickass world, with fantastic characters and amazing relationships. This book was obviously five cupcakes. 

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